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The Core Curriculum

The City of London Primary Academy Islington will follow the new National Curriculum (2014).  Y1 and Y2 cover the KS1 programme of study and Y3 to Y6 follow the KS2 programme of study. The curriculum is comprised of  three ‘core’ subjects: English, Mathematics and Science. 

A Broad and Balanced Curriculum

Children are also taught the ‘foundation’ subjects:  Art and Design, Computing, Design Technology, a Modern Foreign Language, Geography, History, Music and PE. In addition, RE is a statutory requirement and the school will follow the locally agreed syllabus.

Through the curriculum, assemblies and embedding our school values and ethos in all that we do, we ensure our children develop spiritually, morally, socially, and culturally. We support children to be caring, respectful, courteous, democratic and responsible so that they make a positive contribution to British society and the global community.  

A Creative Curriculum

As part of a broad and balanced curriculum, City of London Primary Academy Islington  offers inspirational ‘out of the classroom’ learning experiences that will afford all pupils a rich cultural capital to advantage them in the wider world.  Pupils will develop an understanding of the rich artistic, cultural and social heritage our diverse city offers – this we believe is the entitlement of every child.

Pupils learn best from direct experience, therefore, our curriculum draws upon the abundant world-class art galleries, museums, music venues and theatres our city has to offer, thus ensuring learning is vivid and real. Many of the jobs our children will take up in the future have yet to be invented. In addition to excellence maths and English skills, employers will require graduates who can innovate and think imaginatively outside of the box. At COLPAI, we believe that the creative arts, music, drama and dance are essential elements of a curriculum that promotes creative thinking.