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Background Information

City of London Corporation (Sponsor)

The City of London Corporation is a long-standing supporter of education and is extremely proud to have 14 schools within the City family of schools:

  • Sir John Cass’s Foundation Primary School, for which the City of London Corporation has statutory responsibility;
  • City of London School, City of London School for Girls, and City of London Freemen’s School, where the City of London Corporation is the proprietor; and
  • 10 academies, where it has a role as sponsor/co-sponsor - The City Academy, Hackney (co-sponsor with KPMG), City of London Academy Islington (co-sponsor with City, University of London), City of London Academy Southwark, Redriff Primary, Galleywall Primary, City of London Academy Shoreditch Park, City of London Academy Highgate Hill, City of London Academy Highbury Grove, Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre and City of London Primary Academy Islington.

Where the City Corporation is the sole sponsor of an academy/free school, the City Corporation has decided that they will be run by a company established by the City - the City of London Academies Trust (which is a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity). This company is also known as a Multi-Academy Trust.                                                                             

As sponsor the City is ultimately responsible to the Department for Education (DfE) for the success of the schools it sponsors. The City Corporation therefore has an ongoing interest in the good governance and successful operation of the company. While the City Corporation has no direct financial obligation to company and its chain of schools (except as a company Member as noted below), as a sponsor it is expected to offer ongoing assistance and support to those schools to engender success. This assistance may be financial or in-kind, e.g. expertise, experience, collaboration etc.

The relationship between the City Corporation and the company is set out in the Articles of Association of the company, and in the Sponsorship Agreement which is agreed by both the City Corporation and the company. 

The Articles of the company provide certain rights to the City Corporation. The City Corporation has the right to appoint four individuals as company Members, and is itself a corporate member of the company. The City Corporation has the right to appoint six Directors (who are also Trustees) of the company.

The Sponsorship Agreement sets out the City Corporation’s expectations as sponsor, including the ethos of each school consistent with the City Corporation’s Education Strategy, City Corporation appointments to the Local Governing Bodies, expectations as to dialogue on key matters affecting the company (such as expansion), and arrangements for regular liaison and collaborative working.

City of London Primary Academy Islington is part of the City of London Academies Trust. More information on the Trust and its schools can be found on the website,

City of London School for Girls

City of London School for Girls is a non-denominational, academically selective, independent day school for girls aged 7-18. Based in the London Square Mile, pupils have excellent access to a huge range of venues, events and activities, of which they take full advantage. City welcomes pupils from a wide range of different cultures, faiths and backgrounds which creates a unique and dynamic learning environment. The school is committed to providing opportunities to all girls regardless of financial means, and therefore offers numerous scholarships and bursaries. City of London School for Girls aims to provide a stretching and challenging academic education to girls at the top end of the ability range. The school also aims to provide a full and rounded education which helps to develop pupils morally, spiritually, socially and culturally, as well as intellectually. City girls are encouraged to pursue subjects and extracurricular activities which they excel at and their academic and personal confidence is boosted by the school’s supportive environment and long-standing record of achievement. The school stands true to its mission statement, “aiming for excellence in all we do in the education and development of young women.”